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A former political staff member told us that when you contact a representative a phone call counts 10 times as much as an email, and a hand-written letter counts 100 times as much as an email.  It s worth the effort!!


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7/9/16 Growth in West SeattleSustainable West Seattle
5/7/16 Trans-Pacific Partnership350Seattle
3/5/16 Hidden Half of NatureDig 2 Grow
4/25/15 Ending the War on DrugsLaw Enforcement Against Prohibition
3/14/15 Energy/Climate Change Our Children's Trust
350 Seattle
Plant for the Planet
Climate Change for Families
2/7/15 Fighting Hunger University District Food Bank
Food Lifeline
11/15/14 Restoring Democracy Fix Democracy First
Seattle Neighborhood Coalition
3/8/14 Sexual Abuse in the MilitaryWomen Under Fire


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