Rapid Response Network

We’ve added the ability for you to join the greater-Seattle-area hate crime Rapid Response Network run by Hate Free Delridge and supported by InspireSeattle. Please sign up! Thanks to all.

Join the Rapid Response Network
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InspireSeattle, in partnership with Hate Free Delridge and other local groups, is helping to form a hate crime RapidResponse Network (RRN) for the greater Seattle area.

Our RRN plan is to recruit a volunteer contact point for each neighborhood. If someone experiences, sees or learns of a local hate crime, one would report it to their neighborhood contact point. This contact point could then let people in their neighborhood know of the crime, and neighborhood planning could begin for an appropriate response. This is basically how Hate Free Delridge began.  Also, the neighborhood contact point will make the contact points for other neighborhoods aware, so that other neighborhoods can plan/act accordingly.  In addition, multiple neighborhoods have formed their own neighborhood hate free group in anticipation of more hate being express with the new Trump presidency.

We are looking for volunteer contact points for additional neighborhoods.  If you volunteer, your name and contact info will be added to the list as the contact for your neighborhood.

We are also looking to update our full hate free network. Let me know if you want to be added to the list, including your neighborhood.

Feel free to send me questions/comments at notetodave@blarg.net.   Thanks much, Dave Gamrath