InspireSeattle's vision and mission 

InspireSeattle's vision is to create connection throughout our community and better community through activism. InspireSeattle's mission is to provide a fun, supportive gathering for people who care deeply about our community, our country and our planet. We embrace progressive policies that improve our society and protect our environment.

InspireSeattle's primary objectives
• Building community
• Providing education
• Inspiring activism
• And having fun!

How InspireSeattle socials work
InspireSeattle social events are informal potlucks held at member's homes.  These events are fun educational forums featuring local experts speaking on key issues of our times.  InspireSeattle's goal is to provide a lively, fun as well as informative discussion on current issues. We are not trying to obtain total agreement on topics discussed in our meetings, but rather to educate members as to different viewpoints. In building our local Progressive community through grassroots efforts like ours, we believe it is important to provide people with educational opportunities to understand different aspects of current issues as well as a fun, friendly environment in which to discuss these. Our guest speakers are encouraged to share their insights and thus to lobby for the support of InspireSeattle members towards their goals.

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